Awards And Recognition

On 29th August 2019 I was awarded the 2019 AFA Rising Star of the Year.

The AFA Rising Star of the Year Award recognises new advisers (who have practiced for four years or less) who provide quality advice, demonstrate a commitment to education and contribute to the industry and their community.

AFA CEO, Philip Kewin said, “Chris shone amongst his peers for his commitment to personal growth and unique and engaging approach to educating and empowering clients. Chris sees challenges as opportunities and is a terrific role model for the future of financial advice.’”



On  4th November 2019 I was awarded the 2019 Infocus Rising Star of the Year.

The Infocus Rising Star Of The Year recognises a standout newcomer to the financial advice profession.

Infocus CEO, Darren Steinhart said, “Chris is an incredibly positive individual who has developed an excellent online presence on Facebook and Linked In. His proactive marketing, diversification of services and professionalism stands him in good company and for success in the future.  This award can now go hand in hand with his AFA award which was in itself a great achievement.”







In July 2018, we were awarded for having one of Australia’s Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs!

For everyone who has read our blogs, watched our Whiteboard Wednesdays or subscribed to our social media channels, we are extremely grateful for your support.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with high quality content in the future.