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What is inside your Super?


Most people can tell you what super fund they are with, however, they don’t know what is inside their super. This makes as much sense as knowing what colour your flowerpot is but knowing what plants are inside your flowerpot.

How is your super invested?

How much are you putting in each year?

What sort of fees are you paying?

The answer to these questions will be the difference between a self-funded retirement and a welfare funded retirement.

Aged Pension and Financial Planning


While the aged pension is available to retired seniors, there is no guarantee it will be available forever. The amount of the aged pension is also prohibitive, with many elderly citizens finding it only covers the basics.


The government implemented superannuation as a mandatory requirement for those of us earning income to build a nest egg for retirement. Most of us know who our super provider is and whether or not we are with an industry super fund – funds that are not-for-profit and do not pay commission to shareholders.

Take Control of Your Superannuation


Superannuation is the primary investment vehicle you will use to fund your retirement. By engaging a financial planner to grow your super, you can maximise your investment potential and retire more comfortably than you thought possible.


By helping you apply tax-minimisation and clever investment strategies, your retirement could be very rewarding indeed.

How can a Financial Planner improve your super?


Our financial planners can help you learn more about your super and teach you how to invest your funds. In our financial planning process, we collect information on your super accounts to understand exactly where your funds are invested and what fees you are paying. Our team will then discuss a strategy with you to help grow your super, save tax and leverage government co-contributions.


At Master Your Money Now, we know you work hard for your money, so our goal is to make sure your money works harder for you now and in the future.


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