Have a Fantastic New Year – 2021

Have a Fantastic New Year – 2021

Six years ago at the end of every year, I have been assigning a word to describe the year just gone.
2014 – Reset
2015 – Preparation
2016 – Confidence
2017 – My Turn (ok I cheated with two words)
2018 – Perfect
2019 – Contrast
For 2020 I have decided that the word I want to use is Phoenix.
The Phoenix is the mythical bird that arises from the ashes with renewed youth, spirit and energy. And that is what I have seen in 2020.
There is no question that 2020 has thrown everyone a lot of ashes this year. It has brought our whole world to a standstill, costing us jobs, holidays, fresh air and sadly lives as well.
But what I have loved seeing in 2020 is the resilience and creativity of people to do what needs to be done to get through.
I have seen business owners revolutionize their businesses from traditional “brick and mortar” businesses to online businesses overnight.
I have seen hostesses become shelf stackers, barbers become bricklayers, and pilots become truck drivers.
It is so inspiring seeing people do what needs to be done in order to survive because I know when things do get better (which for most it already has) they will thrive.
I guess the point I want to make here is that for a lot of people, 2020 was still a fantastic year. I know it was a fantastic year for myself and my family and I know for a lot of you it was the same as well. Can you imagine making that statement back in March/April?
When COVID first hit in March, I admit I was very worried as to how things would work out. But since mid-May, Master Your Money Now has never been busier and the last six months have seen our business grow exponentially. So many clients have come to us realizing that the money they were going to use for a holiday could be invested in either a home or other investments.
Our existing clients took advantage of the market drop in March and made considerable wealth during that time. This will set them up well for both now and into the future. Again I remain grateful for every single one of our clients.
As 2020 comes to a close, I hope you can take grateful for the many positives that this year brought us. It has made us all a bit tougher and more resilient. It has made us more adaptable and flexible. It has made us more focused on what is truly important and forced us to let go of trivial matters. I truly believe it has made us better.
I remain convinced that 2020s as a decade will be a phenomenal decade of exponential growth and evolution and I cannot wait for the next 10 years. This year was a year of preparation – the best is yet to come, like the Phoenix.
Have a fantastic New Year and I am looking forward to 2021!

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