Terms & Conditions

Your initial 30 minute consultation is complimentary and you are not required to proceed with advice. Please take this opportunity to ask your advisor any questions raise any concerns you may have.

Should you proceed to a second meeting, you are agreeing to proceed with formal advice. Our fee for providing your initial advice and implementing our recommendations is displayed as your upfront investment under our Get Started page. Should you elect not to proceed with advice, whether that is before or after the Statement of Advice is presented, this fee is still payable.

You have the option to fund your advice fee from superannuation or in your personal name. If you elect to fund your advice fee from superannuation and due to circumstances it is not appropriate for you to do so, you agree that this fee will be funded from another source, such as your bank account.

This fee is based on our understanding of your particular needs and objectives. Please be aware that the total fee may increase if there are significant changes in your circumstances or if significant rework or amendments are required. In this case, we will provide an estimate and agree on the scope of the additional work prior to proceeding.

Where third-party specialists are required to provide input, the professional fees of these specialists will be in addition to those of set out above. We will notify you in writing in advance before the third party is engaged.

Once you elect to accept our ongoing service, the details will be provided in an appropriate service agreement once we have presented our strategies and discussed your options.

Our remuneration philosophy is that we should be paid for the advice and service we give and the value we can provide in achieving your goals, NOT via the products we recommend.


Your obligations

  • In order to perform our duties and meet our responsibilities, we need to work in partnership with you. Important aspects of this relationship are outlined below.
  • It is essential to provide the information we need so that we can discuss objectives and problems and stay informed of changes to your situation.Privacy legislation impacts on what information financial institutions may allow us to access and how we can gain this access. Sometimes, different service providers may choose to deal only with you. In these cases we will be reliant on the information you provide.
  • Depending on our investigations, we may need to obtain further information from you while we are constructing the advice. Without this information we may not be able to proceed, or our advice may be compromised. We ask that you provide this information in a timely fashion and let us know if you are unable to do so.
  • Our analysis and recommendations will be based on the data provided and the scope of the services agreed.
  • It is important for you to read and understand the documents we provide and to ask questions if the meaning of any information is unclear. It is also important to let us know as soon as you have made a decision about our recommendations. Our advice will be current for a limited time (usually 30 days) only. If you choose to act on the advice after that timeframe, you must check with us (before you proceed) to determine if the advice is still appropriate to your needs.
  • A quality ongoing relationship requires feedback, and we value yours. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the level of service provided or the manner in which it is provided, please let us know as soon as possible. We appreciate opportunities to improve our service. Please contact your adviser in the first instance. If you feel that you are unable to do this or that you are still unsatisfied, please contact Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd on 07 5458 9400 or by mail at PO Box 1856 SUNSHINE PLAZA QLD 4558.


Our obligations

  • We agree to use our best skills, knowledge, expertise and endeavour to understand your current financial position, future needs, aims and objectives.
  • We will undertake appropriate analysis to determine what we believe is an appropriate strategy to meet your particular needs, objectives and circumstances.
  • We will undertake appropriate investigation into reasonable alternatives and test (where possible) the outcomes of those alternatives before we formulate our recommendations.
  • We will provide you with a copy of our advice (Statement of Advice) and if required our supporting analysis so that you are able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you will proceed with our recommendations.
  • We aim to deliver your advice within the next two weeks and will call to arrange a meeting once it is finalised. If circumstances are such that this is not possible, we will contact you to let you know why we require additional time and our anticipated delivery timeframe.
  • We will respect your right to privacy and act only in accordance with our privacy policy. You can request a copy of this at any time.