The Power Of 30

The Power Of 30

The Power Of 30


How $30 P/W Can Change Your Life


It puzzles me how people in their 20s and 30s don’t make superannuation a priority. Even small adjustments, at this time, can help them make literally hundreds of thousands in additional savings over the long term.

The typical mindset is, “I don’t have to worry about that until later in life”.

To get yourself ahead of the game, you can use a little-known rule that can make a significant difference to your superannuation over the long term. It is not a major action step; it is just a minor action you can take every single week which will make a significant difference to your retirement savings and will help to grow your investments well above average.

Let’s use the analogy of fitness or physical health. You can’t live the lifestyle of a couch potato for the bulk of your life and then decide one day to run a marathon expecting that one action to solve all your health problems. However, if you do the small tasks daily, like exercising and eating healthy, then you will be rewarded later in life (at least that is what my CrossFit trainer claims while I am lying exhausted on the floor after a session!)

Fact: Small Steps Taken In Your 20s and 30s Will Make More Impact Than Big Steps Taken In Your 50s and 60s


The same works for your financial situation.

It will not be the big steps you take in your 50s and 60s that will make the most critical impact on your wealth (although if you are transitioning to retirement, a financial plan can help you to build your retirement savings and reduce your tax). It is the little undertakings you execute to Master Your Money Now that will make the biggest difference to your wealth, both now and in retirement.

Rule of 30

You can take many little measures to build your superannuation. A financial planner can even provide advice to you from the comfort of your own home. One of the things that we look at for Master Your Money Now members is if they are utilising the rule of 30. This rule is generally applied to your superannuation. However, it can be used in a variety of different scenarios, such as in a savings plan for yourself or your children.

The Rule of 30 is as follows:
$30 per week
Into A High Growth Super Fund*
Over 30 Years

* Generating 10% per annum net returns

This is incredible to think about when you take into account you will only deposit $46,800 into your super over this period.
In comparison, if you wanted to save this in 10 years (i.e., in your 50s), you would need to invest $300 per week for that period (which equates to $156,000 over 10 years). Over 20 years (i.e., in your 40s) it is a more manageable $80 per week ($83,200 over 20 years), but personally, I would rather invest $30 per week.



$30 p/w

$80 p/w

$300 p/w

 Year   1



 Year   5



Year 10




Year 15




Year 20




Year 25




Year 30




Imagine what you could do with an extra $300,000 in retirement (and if you can’t picture that ask your parents or grandparents what they would do with an extra $300,000 in retirement!).

So how should you accomplish this?

You can use a couple of different ways to make these contributions into your super. It all depends on your personal financial situation. For some people, it is better to pull directly from their paycheck, for others it is better to make a lump sum from their bank account.

This is where seeking professional advice from a financial planner at Master Your Money Now can help you to make an informed decision. Or, after getting to know you and your situation, they can make a decision for you on your behalf. Your position is unique, so it is essential that we develop a plan to help your situation. We will not try and make someone else’s plan fit your financial circumstances.

Also, your financial planner will look at daily activities you can use to build your wealth. If one little strategy can potentially add $300,000 to your retirement savings, imagine if there were more little strategies you could add to your situation – trust me, there are!

If this is a topic that you would like to discuss in more detail, please go to www.MasterYourMoneyNow.com.au/getstarted to book in your complimentary 30 minute strategy session.

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Disclaimer: This information is general information only. You should consider the appropriateness of this information with regards to your objectives, financial situation and needs. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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