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Reviews With Your Financial Planner

The only certainly in life (aside from death and taxes) is change. If your circumstances don’t change, the world around you will. It is important that you catchup with your FP on a regular basis to review your Plan A and Plan B to ensure it is appropriate for your circumstances. If there is a change in the rules, you will know about it. If there is a better provider out there for you, you will know about it. If there is a better way of doing things, you will know about it.

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Establish Your Plan A (Super)

Your Plan A is your super. Get it right and you will be living a great lifestyle in retirement - get it wrong and you will be relying on handouts for the rest of your life. We collect information on your super (or multiple super accounts) to know exactly what you are invested in and what fees you are paying. We will then consider whether there is a better super vehicle to grow your wealth so you can have more when you retire. We will also develop a strategy to make additional contributions to super so you can either save tax or obtain government benefits. Please note if you have, or a seeking, advice regarding a defined benefit or SMSF these are only covered by our Planinum Services

Get Your Plan B Sorted

Your Plan B is your plan if things go wrong. Who is important in your life? How do we ensure you and your family are able to build wealth in the event of your passing or if you are unable to work due to injury or illness? We then discuss what features are important to you and whether your Plan B should be funded from super or your personal name (hint: often it is both). We will get quotes from ALL approved Plan B providers (i.e. not the cheap online providers) to ensure you are getting the best deal out there. Finally, we will then assist with the application process and getting your Plan B into force.

Review Your Mortgage

Ensure you are getting the best mortgage available enabling you to pay off your loan faster. You may also be eligible for special deals where the bank pays you to take out a mortgage with them!

Access To Referral Program

Be rewarded by referring your friends and family so they can receive the same level of service and advice that you did and be part of our community.

First Home Saver Program

Take advantage of special tax savings, grants and loan deals for First Home Buyers enabling you to buy your first home in the next twelve months!

Get Set For Retirement

Do you prefer to spend your golden years trying to figure out the best way to maximise your money or to spend it? You have worked too hard for too long to worry about your finances. Let us do the hard work by looking at strategies to increase your returns, reduce your taxes and how you can have a “super salary” paid into your bank account.

Skip Centrelink

How would you like to be able to never deal with Centrelink again? We are able to manage your Centrelink application and amendments on your behalf so you don’t have to wait in a Centrelink queue or be on hold for an hour over the phone. Spending your time so you don’t have to deal with Centrelink is worth your Gold membership in itself!

Retire Early

Do you like the idea of working until age 65? No? Lets look at options to invest in your personal name so you can retire early. Alternatively, we can look to invest what you really want, such as a house deposit, your dream holiday or your children's education. Our Gold members can receive advice on investments outside of super so you can grow your wealth even further!

Trusts and SMSFs

Trusts and SMSFS can be great structures to build your wealth for yourself and your family. It is a great vehicle to transfer and protect your investments and reduce your tax. However, if not structured correctly it can cost you a fortune.

Payable Within Super

We can arrange for a portion, if not all, of your initial and ongoing investments to be paid within super. This is subject to your existing/recommended super provider and the advice sought. We can discuss this with you in more detail during our initial consultation.

Yes Partially Partially Partially
Upfront Investment - Single $1,320 $2,420 $3,300 $6,600+
Upfront Investment - Couple $1,650 $2,970 $4,400 $8,800+
Maximum Ongoing Investment – Single $66pm $165pm $330pm $660+pm
Maximum Ongoing Investment – Couple $99pm $198pm $396pm $880+pm

Remember, an investment into financial advice can be partially or fully funded from your superannuation account. Contact us to find out more!

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