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We Understand How Hard It Is Being a Teacher. We Make Money Easy to Understand so That You Can Focus on Our Next Generation


We Understand How Hard Being A Teacher Is

You carry the responsibility to ensure our next generation can read, write and count. But not only that, you are now responsible for the children’s communication skills, physical well being, mental health, practical skills and financial skills. You have to handle the report writing, after school classes, curriculum writing, parent-teacher interviews, school boards and even more paperwork on top of that! Is it any wonder that teachers often get burnt out? Whoever says that teachers only work from 9am to 3:30pm and get eleven weeks holiday seriously have no idea! It is any wonder that you haven’t got time to sort out your finances?

Did You Know?

The average High School Teacher (full time) earns $91,474 per annum, which means you will have to pay $22,664 per annum in tax

Teachers have one of the highest levels of mental health concerns with a reported 35% of teachers seeking support within the last twelve months

Teachers are able to access home loan deals only available to current or retired employees of the Australian education sector

Some teachers can salary package cars, work expenses and general living expenses to reduce tax

While You Are Pouring Your Heart And Soul Into Our Next Generation, Who Is Looking After Your Finances?

This is where we come in. We can help you:

Purchase your first home (or next one), enabling you to access mortgage rates only available to those working in the education industry

Understand superannuation, enabling you to grow and preserve your nest egg through personalised financial advice

Protect your income in the event you are unable to work due to injury and illness (including stress and other mental health conditions)

Build up your investments, enabling you to retire earlier and live the lifestyle you want to live (why settle for only eleven weeks off?)

Understand salary packaging, enabling you to reduce the tax paid in your personal name and keep more money in your pocket

Manage your finances and help with the paperwork, leaving you more time to focus on teaching and enjoying life away from work (remember what that was like?)


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