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Tradies and those working in financial services generally have skillsets that are polar opposites. Tradies have the practical skills that we will need for the rest of our lives, like how to build a house, fix a tap, install a light and how to get a car working again. But unfortunately, tradies struggle to be in control of their finances. We have worked with so many tradespeople who have got to age 50 who are unable to work due to wear and tear, but only have $50,000 in super and no Plan B in place. Tradies are in high demand and can earn a considerable hourly rate for their skills, but where does that money go? Isn’t it time your money started working hard for you, not the other way around?

Did You Know?

The average High School Teacher (full time) earns $91,474 per annum, which means you will have to pay $22,664 per annum in tax

Teachers have one of the highest levels of mental health concerns with a reported 35% of teachers seeking support within the last twelve months

Teachers are able to access home loan deals only available to current or retired employees of the Australian education sector

Some teachers can salary package cars, work expenses and general living expenses to reduce tax

It’s Time To Make Sure Your Money Work As Hard As You Do. We Can Help You:

Purchase your first home (or next one)

Understand superannuation, ensuring that regular contributions are going into your account and you are building long term wealth through personalised financial advice.

Build up your investments, enabling you to retire earlier and live the lifestyle you want to live

Build up your investments, enabling you to retire earlier and live the lifestyle you want to live (why settle for only eleven weeks off?)

Manage your finances and help with the paperwork, leaving you more time to focus on your job and having a good time!


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